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William J. Brown & Associates, PLLC is one of the few law firms in southeast Tennessee that provide real estate and construction law services.  Both real estate and construction law are highly specialized areas of law that require substantial experience and understanding for competent legal representation.  Please do not trust you real estate and construction law issues to any lawyer or law firm.  Call us today for an in-depth discussion of your rights, obligations, and options.

What makes William J. Brown & Associates, PLLC different?

Our office does not just know the law and how to represent you but we also know the resources you will need to be successful in your endeavor; lawsuit or not.  Will you need surveyors, real estate agents, appraisers, title closing agencies, or contractors for your issue?  We have the answer and also the relationships with competent professional services to help you succeed in whatever issues you may be working through.  We do not just want you to have the best lawyers involved through our firm but we also want you to have the most competent professionals working on your side.  This comprehensive approach sets us apart from almost every other firm in southeast Tennessee.

Additionally, when you come for a consultation we typically, in real time with you present, access all of the available legal documents and information on file relevant to your real estate issue.  This allows our lawyers to fully understand your issues and how we can best address your needs in the shortest time possible.  Other law firms will not take this effort and it results in bad advice.  Please contact us today so you can get good advice quickly.  As they say, time is money.

Construction law is likely the most complex area of law that exists.

Are you a contractor being sued by a client or a client needing to know your legal options for a project gone wrong?  We can help.  There is nothing about construction law that is simple and our attorneys have the experience and training to represent your interests to the fullest extent provided for by the law.  Call us today to understand your rights, responsibilities, and how best to protect yourself.