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Personal Injury/Workers' Compensation

Car Accident Lawyer in Cleveland, Tennessee

Handling All Aspects of Your Tennessee Personal Injury Case

At the Cleveland, Tennessee, law firm of William J. Brown & Associates, our caring, determined approach serves our clients well when a life-changing injury strikes.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a car accident, workplace injury or other type of accident, contact us today to discuss your case and learn your legal optionsfree of charge.

Seeking Just Compensation for Your Medical Expenses, Lost Wages and Other Costs

After a serious accident and injury, we understand that you need to focus on receiving proper medical care and recovering both physically and emotionally. We strive to take much of the worry and stress of seeking compensation out of the equation for you and into our hands.

If you have been injured in a trucking or car accident due to someone’s negligence, for example, we have the experience and knowledge to pursue a just settlement of any insurance claim and a lawsuit seeking damages to pay for medical expenses, lost wages and suffering.

We can also represent you after a workplace accident, helping you collect the benefits you are entitled to from workers’ compensation insurance and pursue legal action against any responsible parties.

Truck and Car Accidents — Falls and Workplace Injuries

We are able to handle all aspects of your case involving:

  • A car accident, trucking accident, bike or pedestrian injuries, or other roadway mishap
  • A serious slip and fall accident on public or private property
  • Accidents on construction sites or in other workplaces

You can depend on William J. Brown for quality representation after your workplace or other personal injury accident. We provide aggressive negotiation and the ability to forcefully argue your case at trial if necessary.

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To take a positive step toward personal and financial recovery, please contact us today for a free consultation on your personal injury or workers’ compensation case.