Financial Abuse & Exploitation Attorneys

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Throughout Tennessee, loved ones and family members are regularly taken advantage of by people they trust.  Usually, these circumstances arise in a financial context when a person abuses another’s trust and that abuse results in money or assets being wrongfully transferred.  Sometimes people use powers of attorney to exploit others.  Other times they merely exert some form of inappropriate influence.  Do not be embarrassed or afraid to seek help even if the exploited person is you!  Please contact our office today so we can discuss your legal options and how to best protect you, your loved ones, and assets.

Given the severity of the issues involved in this type of law and the need for substantial assistance, the State of Tennessee has provided substantial guidance to members of the public to help protect them from these threats.  Below is a link to publications by the State of Tennessee that you may find helpful.  Nevertheless, please contact our office today so we can help provide protection and relief.

Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury – Financial Exploitation of the Elderly