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Uncontested Divorce

Tennessee Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Affordable Divorce in Chattanooga

While divorce is always emotional, it does not always have to be a battle. In fact, a large percentage of divorces in Tennessee are uncontested. If you and your spouse agree on a solution to all of the issues involved in your divorce — such as child custody and property division — the divorce process will be more affordable, less time-consuming, and potentially less stressful.

William J. Brown & Associates has helped clients move efficiently through the divorce process for more than 30 years. We care about you and will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Please contact our Tennessee uncontested divorce lawyers to discuss your divorce. We represent clients throughout southeast Tennessee, including the Chattanooga and Cleveland areas.

Towards a Peaceful Resolution

We believe in the peaceful, negotiated resolution of divorce issues, whenever possible.Generally, uncontested divorce involves discussing an agreement during divorce mediation and presenting that agreement to the court. While you may waive some of the rights you have by coming to an agreement, there are substantial benefits to uncontested divorce in Tennessee:

  • Uncontested divorce is less time-consuming than contested divorce
  • There are fewer court appearances in most uncontested divorces
  • It reduces the negative impact on any children involved
  • It may help create a working relationship between the parties
  • An agreed divorce is less costly than a contested divorce

A Cost-Effective Approach to Divorce

We believe that legal representation should be focused on solving clients’ issues as effectively as possible. You want a solution now, not next year. Similarly, you don’t want to pay expensive fees when there are more cost-effective ways to approach your case. Our divorce attorneys are resourceful and committed to developing a strategy that meets your goals.

One of the ways we help clients keep costs down is by offering very competitive rates for all of our legal services. In uncontested divorce cases, we offer flat fees — you will pay a specific fee for an uncontested divorce with children or a reduced fee for an uncontested divorce without children. You will only need to pay the flat fee and any court filing fees — nothing else.

Please contact us today to meet with one of our compassionate and experienced Cleveland, Tennessee, attorneys.