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Child Custody & Child Support

Tennessee Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys

We are experienced domestic relations attorneys serving clients throughout the region including Cleveland and Chattanooga, Tennessee. We also provide a helpful legal resource for parents who have relocated to other parts of the United States. In recent years, we have represented numerous clients from other states including Arizona, California, Kentucky, North Carolina and Utah.

We negotiate aggressively and litigate effectively to achieve our clients’ goals in any divorce case. This is the best time to achieve a favorable child custody, support and visitation arrangement. However, life goes on after divorce — and many things can change. When you need to take legal action on a child custody or child support matter after your divorce, please contact our Cleveland, Tennessee, law firm.

Representation and Guidance on the Major Issues in Divorce

The most common child custody/parenting time arrangement assigns one parent primary responsibility for the children, with the other assigned specific visitation time and required to pay child support. If you are facing divorce now, we can advise you on how Tennessee courts make decisions about parenting time and also give you a general idea of what required child support payments are likely to be in your case.

Handling Post-divorce Child Custody and Child Support Modifications

We can represent you when you need to:

  • Petition for a change in child custody, which is a challenging effort usually based on the primary residential parent’s dangerous or inappropriate conduct, such as suspected child abuse, neglect, or alcohol/drug abuse
  • Petition for a modification of child support due to a significant change in circumstances such as a job loss or major change in your children’s needs
  • Defend against an unjustified legal action that threatens your parenting time or parental rights
  • Initiate an enforcement action to compel an ex-spouse to fulfill his or her child support obligation

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Led by William J. Brown, a lawyer with over 30 years of experience, our law firm is committed to treating you with care and respect. When you must deal with any difficult legal issue regarding your children, we encourage you to contact us for help.