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Divorce Law

Tennessee Divorce Lawyers

Serving Harrison and Other Areas: Child Custody Settlement Attorneys

Some family law attorneys may rush into probing the legal aspects of your divorce or legal separation case without taking time to learn what has happened. It’s important to us to truly understand your concerns and goals. Our law firm takes the time to listen to you and explain your legal options.

Divorce can be complex in many ways, and our Tennessee divorce attorneys are committed to an initial consultation that encourages you to tell your story and begin to explore a personal and financial plan for your future.

From Low-Conflict Divorce to Disputes on Major Issues, We Can Help

When both spouses want a divorce and can agree on all issues, such as child custody and the division of property and debts, we can assist in obtaining an affordable, uncontested divorce. This option will help you save time and money.

More commonly, negotiation or litigation is required to resolve disputes in a Tennessee contested divorce. If you have children, you need a dedicated attorney to fight for child custody and protect your rights. You also need to protect your property interests. Let us make sure your interests are protected. Contact our law firm today.

Dividing Marital Assets

We have successfully handled cases for clients with modest property and those with millions of dollars in assets. Applying the latest computer technology, our divorce lawyers are adept at:

  • Constructing an accurate, complete picture in which marital assets and liabilities must be divided
  • Uncovering hidden assets to ensure our client gets all he or she can
  • Properly valuing complex assets, including pensions/retirement accounts and ownership in businesses, in order to advocate aggressively for a favorable divorce settlement

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In some divorces and family disputes, one party is often angry or spiteful. That person may try to gain an unfair advantage or intimidate the other into giving up important rights and assets. Unfortunately, this is especially common when custody or other issues involving children are at stake. Please contact us today to make sure your interests are protected.