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Divorce Law in Cleveland TN

At William J. Brown & Associates, PLLC we take great pride in providing high level, quality legal representation to our clients.  Divorces and family law matters, including adoptions and custody proceedings, are some of the most emotional, complex, and consequential proceedings and you deserve the best representation available.


For divorces, our office initially analyzes your case in two (2) broad categories:  Is your divorce uncontested or contested?  Uncontested divorces are simple proceedings where we assess your assets, debts, and any other issues and draft all of the paperwork necessary to complete the entire proceeding for a flat, one-time fee.  These cases require complete agreement between you and your spouse or else they are not uncontested.  Because of the nature of these cases and the lack of contest we are able to keep your fees and expenses to a minimum.

A contested divorce is far different from an uncontested divorce and requires substantial skill, time, and attention.  Our office staff and attorneys are experienced and highly trained to not only zealously represent your interests but also to make the process and smooth as possible.  However, a contested divorce is, by its nature, a lawsuit against your spouse.  The law affords you a great deal of protections, rights, and relief and our office is committed to ensuring all of these considerations are afforded to you in each proceeding.  Do not leave your rights unprotected, please call us today for a free consultation.


Family law is a broad term encompassing anything dealing with children.  Perhaps you see an emergency and need to obtain custody of a child or modify a previous custody order/arrangement.  Or maybe you want to adopt a child you have come to love.  These are all circumstances that our office can help you with and capably represent you in.  Call us today to understand your legal rights and options.

Need help navigating your divorce or family law case?

William J. Brown & Associates, PLLC has the experience you need to ensure your protected throughout any divorce or family law proceedings. We will assess your case honestly, fairly, and will clearly explain your legal options. If you are considering a divorce or needing other family law representation, please contact our firm today for a free consultation.