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Consumer Protection

Tennessee Consumer Protection Lawyers

Serving Benton and Other Areas: Product Liability Attorneys

For more than 30 years, William J. Brown & Associates has fought tirelessly for people who have been injured — physically, financially or otherwise — by powerful corporations and companies acting unlawfully.

Under federal law and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, consumers have certain rights that protect them from abuse. We understand your rights. We will stand up for you. To speak with one of our Tennessee consumer protection attorneys about your legal options, contact us.

Our Consumer Protection Practice

We handle a large variety of consumer protection issues, including the following:

  • Products liability: Were you injured while using a defective product? You may be able to bring a products liability/personal injury claim against the company that manufactured the product.
  • Consumer finance issues: We handle claims against banking/financial institutions, Title I claims, and more.
  • Insurance claims : When an insurance company has denied your auto, homeowners, life insurance, or other insurance claim, or has otherwise acted in bad faith, turn to us.
  • Unfair debt collection: Are you the victim of abuse, deception, harassment or other unfair debt collection practice? Put our attorneys on your side.

Trust Us With Your Legal Questions

Our law firm has developed an extensive track record of success in cases involving people facing intimidating legal issues. Our team of legal professionals is united in delivering results for our valued clients. If you face a consumer protection issue, do not hesitate to contact us today!