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Insurance Claims

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Tennessee Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

When you have built a law firm on strong, enduring relationships, as we have for decades at William J. Brown & Associates, it is natural to focus on tough problems that really matter to individuals and families.

We Take Strong Action, No Matter How Powerful the Adversary

Many insurance claims cases require standing up for ordinary people against large corporations. We are ready to take them on in negotiations or at trial. Contact our attorneys today to discuss your insurance claims problem with a southeast Tennessee lawyer who cares.

Denied Auto, Homeowners and Life Insurance Claims — Bad Faith Insurance — Aggressive Advocacy for You

When your life is turned upside down by an accident causing severe personal injury, a fire, storm or other disaster that damages your home, you may expect insurance to be the answer for most of your needs. Unfortunately, many valid insurance claims are denied or payment is unreasonably delayed — on homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, liability insurance, life insurance and other types of policies. Laws against bad faith insurance and other such practices are in place to protect you. However, getting what you deserve often takes action from an aggressive, respected team like William J. Brown & Associates.

A Commitment to Answers and Justice, as Well as Financial Recovery

Our decades of experience at all levels of the court system can be a tremendous asset for you. We have investigated complex accidents and developed thousands of strong cases across a wide range of practice areas, including civil litigation and contract disputes.

Recovering fair compensation from an insurance company takes legal experience, dedication and diligence. In the Cleveland or Chattanooga, Tennessee, area, please call us at (423) 476-4515 or send an e-mail to request a consultation.